Another successful production of "Imperfect"

From Gail Murray, University of Windsor, March 31, 2010

Dear Mary,
I just wanted to let you know that the show was a big success. You'll be happy to know my students honoured your vision. Thank you for your exceptional script - it effectively communicated the lives and trials of people touched by institutions. I'm including an email I got from an audience member to give you an idea of audience response.

"Last night a small group of friends and I attended the DRED production of Imperfect and all we could say is 'Wow!'

The performances given last night were top notch. The entire company demonstrated an incredibly high level of talent, characterization, preparation and true understanding of the materials being presented.

Back in the early 1980's I spent several years working front-line for the Windsor Association for the Mentally Retarded (later renamed Windsor Community Living Support Services). It was a period of change as residents were coming out of institutional settings into local programs. I remember the varying degrees of development and a wide range of behaviours and challenges that the residents faced.

Your cast last night captured the entire being of a person with developmental challenges, from body language to vocalization. It was actually hard to remember that these were actors and not actual individuals with disabilities. So many mannerisms were exactly what I had experienced firsthand.

Our entire group was impressed with both the residents and the hospsital (I mean 'school'!) support staff. Every one of the cast evoked an emotion of pity, anger, sorrow or outrage from the audience. At intermission, the audience was actually confused whther to applaud the actors or emain silent of of respect for the residents! What powerful performances!

Two of our group members last night are part of Sarah Ilijanich's Lakeshore Academy of Fine Arts program and shared an 'ah-hah'! moment with me after the play. They said: 'Now we know why Sarah is always telling us to research a character so thoroughly.' There's no doubt that a great deal of research went into the entire company's commitment to this production.

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew. It was an 'enjoyably disturbing' performance that left you examining your own understanding of developmental disabilities and society's commitment to care.


Kathleen Westlake
General Manager
Mad Science of Windsor