Bilingue cont'd

Enthusiasms blind me, leaving me to trip over comments such as from the man on the ferry who told me, Quebec is one province I never want to visit, and a woman who described Francophone federal employees in Ottawa as bullies. The editor of the local newspaper on the Sunshine Coast editorialized about the potential danger for the citizenry who have to wait for RCMP notices to be translated into French before being published. I like the fire of the argument but I don't like the heat.

19 janvier
Mais, maintenant je suis ici à Québec encore et je sens bonne être ici. Carleen met me and helped me up the stairs to the cozy, now familiar appartement. Left me breakfast, dinner in the fridge. Une chose que j'adore -- le lumière vient plus tôt que à C-B. J'ai trouvé le froid fortifiant, et le jour prochain j'ai magasiné et fais du yoga tout en français. Ce matin, je me suis reveillé à le son des chasses-neige. C'est tres belle à l'extérieur.

Easy walk a le vieux québec, mais triste que la serveuse Chez Paillard m'a repondu en anglais. Aussi la neige fondue! Slush. I don`t like it.

Dear Russ surprised me with a bouquet and later took us all to the Grand Théâtre de Québec for a concert. To me, Schubert's 9th demonstrated the passionate conductor's skill at drawing out the most from his musicans in this rich orchestral piece, but the Brahm's Concerto for violin and cello had the narrative, the emotional complexity that held me, plus two great players, Darren Lowe and Blair Lofgren.

Oh, and Basterache! Le rapport, finalement. Les nouvelles que j'ai reçu pendant l'automnne fini. Ah, Bellemare. Il essaye,mais qui sait vraiment la vérité?

Love the intensity, the bright eyes and minds of the students I returned to tutoring jeudi. Returning home, across Grand Allée, onto Briand, sparkles of snow enchanted the walkway.