Bilingue encore

Discussion on RC 106.3 about the looser language law re schools. A panel debating the merits of forcing allophones to learn French, because English is the language of work in most places, of the university. The anglicization of Montreal.

Je suis en train de penser de ça.

LeSoleil: in response to Charest, Pauline Marois (PQ leader) asks, would it be right to give people the right to vote, and to be elected themselves, when they can't speak the language of the majority?

I recall conversations with Pascal last fall. The tu or vous controversy he observed. Moncton vs Quebec. Gardez la monnai, he said, a phrase particular to Québec. And Mireille, Québecois have many words related to winter, one being gadue, which means slush.

While Radio Canada hosts a debate about whether French schools should be forced on people, young adults from Ontario - including a Macedonian-Ontarian who wants to be a hockey referee en francais -, Saskatchewan, B.C attend FSL à Centre de Formation de Québec est, le cours I am taking.

Lâche pas la patate, francophones...

Federal minister Maxime Bernier's remark about whether it should be required by law, la langue, or left to choice... I pondered that same question, and I have some sympathy for his view, yet... I think of the Canadian content regulations that did so much for Canadian music. It has been the human way, in NA, to give a hand up to those in the minority.

Another article in LeSoleil, orginally published in La Presse, reports the results of a sondage sur la langue, bilingualisme et la loi 101. Most Francophone Québecois 90%, et 79% de non-francophone Québecois believe 101 is necessary. And it is not so much the anglphone majority in the U.S. and Canada, but the multicultural nature of contemporary Canada that Québecois perceive as a threat to the Francophone culture. The survey also found that Québecois are more willing to learn English than Anglo Canadians are to learn French. Seems so. That Québecois recognize the practicality of knowing English, while there is no real reason for English Canadians to know French. And even for we who study it, there is little opportunity to speak it outside Québec, which is why I came here. It seems that Quebcois have/will have the intellectual edge, in that knowing and practicing more than one language is definitely brain enhancing.

English Québecois are different of course. Selon un sondage, 80% feel it is important to speak French. Yet I have picked up on some slight anti-francisation at the Centre de Formation.

One thing that is unqiue, the passion for language ici. Parfait pour ecrivaine et on qui aime les livres. Vive le Québec! Mon reve est que notre pays va devinir vraiement bilingue.