Vers mars

Sur les Plaines, une fille chants pendant elle fait de les raquettes.

The soft clots of snow fall from branches and Pollack the scintillant smoothness layering the ground. Verglas gloving each tree limb catches light that shines the entire neighbourhood. Snowshoeing the path above the river that morning, I entered a bower of black trees bending under their perfectly balanced white, the thick blue above and between, sound of each racquette lifting and settling, sinking, lifting, settling, sinking.

To be truly bilingual, one must live for part of the time in a francophone area like Quebec. It doesn't matter that official documents and labels are presented in les deux langues, personne ne les lit pas.

ROC, the rest of Canada, as Quebecois dit, and, in Persian mythology, an enormous legendary bird of prey, often white.

Charest plans to change the way English is taught, making it more concentrated in the middle school years. Also, to encourage politeness, he wants school kids to address their teachers using vous, not tu. It is called "vousvoiement"

On mild days, after wind has swept dry snow, things being uncovered, heads, faces, a disc of brown turf on a sunny hill. As snow deteriorates. there is not quite a honeycomb pattern, but more the texture and sooty colour of Riopelle's hibous.

le francais s'apprend, l'anglais s'attrape
lacher prise
il m'inspire

Sandra's father worked in deneigement, she said.