Unknown Caller

The words appear on your call display. You have craned your head to look at the home phone, or, grabbed your cell out of your pocket, disturbed while eating dinner, watching Law and Order, boiling water, combing your hair, inventing a cure for cancer. Hmm. Unknown caller. Could be a phone solicitor, could be someone wanting money for the Horn of Africa, or some other country in distress. Could be someone wanting you to sign up for a new credit card, or answer just a few questions, or ask, is this the right number? Maybe your father-in-law, the one who is hard of hearing. Or the mother of that kid your son harassed on FB. A credit company, the bank itself.

But... it's me.

I'm lost. As you know, I don't own a cell phone. I just arrived at the airport and you didn't say where we should meet.

I'm scared. Someone is stalking me in this dark neighbourhood. Not a soul here but me, and whomever belongs to those footsteps. I was lucky enough to find this old pay phone, and, amazingly, it still works. Please pick up.

I'm bleeding. I was walking along my usual path and I stumbled over a rock and hit my head. This nice couple found me. They said I could use their phone.

I'm dying, and the emergency room staff found your number on the in case of emergency line on my driver's license.

The numbers I am calling from are all unknown to you. But it's me, and I need help.