Une amie de conversation

Hier, yesterday, she listed her priorities. Budget, health, the meaning of life as expressed in Concept Therapy. She does not like to take risks with money, but saves, first, for her funeral arrangements. Payments of 41. per month, to a total of 4100. (plus interest?), will buy her the cremation and burial, the service, the catering, the exposition, a graphic artist to enlarge a picture of her for display. As she approaches her 73 birthday, she is arranging all this so that her younger sister will not have to take the responsibility. She isn't sad when she explains these arrangments. She feels good to accomplish this, to have it taken care of. She looks ahead to the immediate future, when the phone will ring informing her of an inheritance a fortune teller has predicted, from a somewhat distant relative. Maybe April prochain, maybe May. She says, I am a person who prefers to be rather than to have. She will make the money last for the rest of her life. She will help others.

Greying brown hair cropped close to her scalp, no make up, thick eyebrows over alert hazel eyes, skin virtually free from the wrinkles common to people her age, nails trimmed short, she loves clothes and looks for sales, but only of quality goods. She feels that she was born into the wrong family, that she comes from wealth, but wealth, malheuresement, lost. On the brisk damp days of fall she dresses in leather, black knee length coat, black pants, boots, gloves.

Her skin is pale and burns easily, which is why, she explains, she had to decline a marriage proposal from the rich pharmacist in the Bahamas, who flew his own plane, docked his boat in front of his house, drove a Lincoln Continental.She would not have been able to live in the sun long term. She seems not to regret him, or a man she met in London, perhaps another pharmacist - the stories mix and meld - but she misses the salt water, the palm trees of those places she was able to visit when she was working as a secretary for the Quebec government. Florida several times, the Bahamas. She loved to travel, and salt water is good for the health.

Normalement, elle se réveille à 7 heure, mais today she stayed in bed and dreamed jolie dreams. She laughs loudly, happily, delivers the au revoir bisou à les deux joues with genuine feeling. À la prochaine!