In an interview this morning on one of my favourite CBC radio shows, The Current, Anna Maria Tremonte asked her former colleague Lisa Gabriele how it came about that she wrote the soon to be bestseller Secret, which is apparently an erotic novel, like Fifty Shades of Grey. The author replied that she had always been ready to "sell out" so that she could be a full-time writer, and that Kevin O'Leary of the Dragon's Den, a business show she produced for five years, told her that if you you're not making money at it, what you do is a hobby.

Sheesh! This was advice to a writer? Should we call on authors whose works define our culture, though most died penniless, for an opinion on that?  I don't need Kevin O'Leary's advice about writing. Money does not define the value of what I produce, nor how I define myself. I'm a lifer, helpless not to be.

While I am on the subject of CBC and books, however, it continues to mildly bug me that if an employee of CBC writes a book, it is almost guaranteed to be the subject of  one, if not more programs on both radio and TV. Hmm. Maybe Gabriele stumbled on another road to the monetary and popular success she craves.