Emory replies

Read your blog with deep interest. Was happy to read the Wiki-excerpt. It prompted me to re-investigate the debate to see where, and if, I went off the rails in my beliefs. After perusing the texts below, I have to conclude, as in all things, the matter is a complicated one. Mr. Dostoevsky was certainly a product of his times and his place, and his insights and affirmations on the forces most threatening to the peoples and the society he loved seemed to have been influenced and, in no small measure, by his nations' most entrenched and popular prejudices against the Jews. That there were bigger bigots and jerks making great art in that same period, does not excuse an artist, endowed with such literary power and such intellectual gifts, from using his art to give those shits a sharp smack in the nose for all the world to see -- as Nietzsche did to his once beloved-mentor, the rabid anti-Semite Wagner.
Loved the blog, though. Here are some of the texts I found on the discussion you raised.


4] Here's a link to an obit for a renowned Dostoevsky scholar who struggled with the writer's views on race -- skip to the penultimate paragraph...

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