Dainin Katagiri

Rocking the heartstrings

Piero's head, by Geoffrey Smedley

"Touching the heart strings is something you have to experience. Otherwise you cannot understand human beings from a universal perspective. . . Sometimes you feel good, sometimes you do not feel good, but that's all right. Whatever you say about it, let's just go toward this. In other words, touching the heart is to rock your heart strings to their ultimate state." (Returning to Silence, Dainin Katagiri)

Amidst my karass, reports circulated via wire, wireless, phone calls, email messages. Someone felt stuck in her situation, another had just won an important competition, another struggled with grief. Worry, sadness, frustration and utter joy spun like a ferris wheel that moved one person to the fore, then up and away, immediately replacing them with the next.  Sleep became an instrument for which someone had written dissonant chords.

In the very early morning, shooting stars.