Place d'Youville

If language reflects character..

If language reflects national character, do all les règles du langue françaises indiquent que le français are control freaks? Is it the same in other languages? Sometimes I feel as if I am rolling merrily along when I am stopped by a sign. Interdit!  Yes, perhaps you thought you should go the usual way, mon chou, mais,  in this case, there is an exception. It is not quite as easy as you thought to get where you want to go. Ay! Mais, ca va, lentement.

Hier, chez Le Palais Montcalm, a haunting piece of music, a surprise to me. Concerto for marimba, vibraphone et cordes by Jaques  Hétu. Great soloist too, Anne-Julie Caron with the superb Violons du Roy. Complex, beautiful. Outside to the sound de  people skating on the patinoire devant Le Palais. Lights sparkling on the wonderful buildings around Place d'Youville.