Travel notes: Italy

Bright globes of citrus and pomegranates, tiers of newly harvested grapes artistically arranged on street corner carts, or the back of pick up trucks. Shiny aubergines alongside purple cauliflower and radicchio, fat onions, and walnuts and chestnuts.

Too much plastic, too much garbage. So much so that Romans recently demonstrated against the city's lack of waste management. Wild boars had been seen foraging on the street. Palm trees, oleander in bloom in late October. Pampas grass. Cactus.

Galileo, Dante, Plato, Caravaggio, Archimedes as street names recalling the the giants who once walked there. A fallen column, huge tumbled building blocks important enough to be fenced off as historical treasures, but not identified. The pale grapefruit-peach of the buildings that glow golden in the bright and usually dependable late October sunlight.

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