Geoffrey Smedley, continued

On February 22, 2018, Geoffrey Smedley celebrated his 91st birthday without his dear wife Brigid, who had died of cancer seven months before at the age of 70. On the table stood the card she had written him for his 90th... "My darling and ponderous Geoffrey," it began. Their dog Oscar would die a couple weeks after the birthday, but Geoffrey continued/continues.

Continuing was something he thought about a lot, and something we discussed often, the physical boundary of the body and the limitlessness of spirit/mind. A year ago today, on May 9, 2018, he woke remembering a dream he told me about when I picked him up from the Stormaway passenger ferry around noon. "I dreamed that all my sculptures were fully and brilliantly realized, that they had reached the limits of what they could be."

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