Jack Kerouac/Quebec

Such wonderful passion in the words the music and the performances Thursday night at the Musée National de Beaux Arts.http://www.jazzaquebec.ca/ Again that identity/language theme.  Kerouac's family was part of the migration of Québecois  to states like Maine and Massachusetts, people seeing work and finding it in textile mills, factories.

Normand Guilbeault,http://normandguilbeault.com/ described as a vrai kerouackian, created a show - Visions of Kerouac, that included his quartet, with himself on stand-up bass, the words of Kerouac and Patrice Desbiens, visual collages on the backdrop --including images from Kerouac's life, and a terrific actor, Nicolas Landré http://www.nicolaslandre.com/nl.html who read, spoke, scatted, sang. What a talented, committed bunch. And drinks! Mexico City blues containing a melange of unlikely ingredients, very alcoholic except for the shot of orange juice and the shot... bien sûr.. de sirop d'érable. Started with a letter Kerouac, Ti-Jean, wrote to a Québec newspaper, in which he was thankful for an insightful review and apologetic for his inability to write good French. And ended with a song that everyone in the audience knew, except for me.

Normand G shaped the show around the longing for identity, and, to me, the sustaining chord was the connection with language. Language, the house where you live.