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30 novembre

En train, de Québec à Montréal. Quelle belle journée. Un peu de neige parterre, mais beaucoup de soleil et un ciel d'un bleu parfait.  J'adore le train.

Two hours west of Montreal, following the St. Lawrence seaway, but on land. A ways back I saw a freighter rising above a field of ochre grass that looked so soft from this distance. Less snow, greyer skies. My seat mate a young woman who is teaching herself to knit. Many people dozing, many other working or watching their screens of various sizes.

3 december

Le retour, after a few good days with my daughter. A longer ride from Toronto, an older car, the seats more uncomfortable. A pleasant woman on her way to Montreal, where she has been working temporarily, for three years now. Her family lives in Guelph. We avoid much talking but share the space easily. More talk as we appraoch Montreal. She describes the cruise she will take with her family over the holidays.Past travels.A woman from the Caribbean.
A tasty shish taouk à la gare, then the more comfortable ride à Québec. J'adore le train.