Status Report

Dark Saturday. The Coast teases with days when it is the most beautiful place on earth, and then some, like today, when only a slight change from black to grey and the calls of birds announce morning. I turn on lamps and light candles.

Idling between projects feels odd to me. The Shinny's Girls Trilogy will soon be back from copy editing, ISBN's applied for, a general plan, with Steve, who will soon supply the cover art. Still aiming to have it available on-line by June 21. Print on demand too? Hmm. The Trilogy amounts to 210, 000 words, which may work out to 600 plus pages. According to Lulu's calculator, I would have to charge about 35.00 retail for the book, to cover costs and fees. Worth it? I do love paper books, flipping pages, the feel of various textures, the look of various print-styles. The sense of progression.
      Meantime, David Zieroth is reading Presto! while travelling in Europe. He downloaded my latest draft to his e-reader. First reports positive, enthusiastic. He called from Grosz to say,  "I am quite enjoying it!" But he has not finished it yet, and on the e-reader he doesn't know how far he has to go. Not like reading a paper book when there would be more pages on the left than on the right,  making it hard to read at lunch because of the imbalance, looking around for something - maybe a salt shaker - to anchor the right side while you hold your sandwich.
     Idling between projects, the rain is light enough I can go for a walk.