All the decisions are mine

And that's a little frightening. With Shinny's Girls, the Trilogy, nearing e-publication, I have to decide on front pages, back pages, then configure them properly so that the type is centered,  the page design is appropriate, that I have included the right information. Did I suggest the best image to Steve for the cover art? Am I hurrying through the returned copy edit? Have I missed anything? Can I follow instructions correctly to register the ISBN with the Canadian archives?

Have yet to write the perfect blurb, a paragraph that will entice readers to choose Shinny's Girls. "Not since Mrs. Bennett has there been such a mother of a family of girls..." But Shinny has little in common with Elizabeth Bennett's mother in Pride and Prejudice; it's a different time. Shinny does not wear bonnets, she is impulsive, her choices are seldom deliberate but are driven by circumstance. Instead of conforming to the mores of her "time,"  the times catch up with her. 


Yes, self-publishing an e-book is relatively easy, but I appreciate the skills of the publishing professionals who produced the first two novels of the trilogy in print, in 1989 and 2001. While I am learning a lot as I use my morning hours to complete this process, an ever-expanding part of my brain is anticipating the new notebook I buy at the start of each project, the delicious stage of prodding an idea to see if it has any life. Soon.