So much for being "on time"

Broadcasts can be saved to listen to as podcasts, whenever I want. People with sophisticated TV's have the option of delaying programs. The sense of anticipation as news time approaches is a thing of the past. We don't all see whatever evening news we like at the same hour, or even in the evening. This is both convenient and somehow disappointing.
      Of course one still has to be "on time" for live events. I can still enjoy moments of anticipation before the lights go down and the curtain goes up, before the concert master precedes the conductor onto the stage.
      Geoffrey Smedley says,  Time is paint without pigment. Einstein said, time is a persistent illusion. In One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote:
     ‘Time passes.’ ‘That’s how it goes,’ Úrsula said, ‘but not so much.’ When she said it she realized that she was giving the same reply that Colonel Aureliano Buendía had given in his death cell, and once again she shuddered with the evidence that time was not passing, as she had just admitted, but that it was turning in a circle

     Oola said, "Grandma, you're too deep; you should get out of your heart and into your eyes."